Unlimited and Unrestricted Leasehold of a high class appartment in Vienna City – 240 qm




Three Bedrooms and three bathrooms, two terraces and a glassroof wintergarden, large living hall with open fireplace, two kitchens, steambath and more (all in all  240 qm). Located in a beautifully renovated 1967 mansion with 30 apartments and a 1.000 m2 garden with old trees, open to the residents of the mansion only,  5 minutes to walk to the center of Vienna. Its ideal location offers the owner of the leasehold  a 10 minutes access by public transport to Vienna’s cultural top spots like the Opera, Main Theatres, Main Museums and main Concert Halls.


Legal Benefits

The legal construction of an unlimited and unrestricted leasehold is open to any citizen in the world, including US-citizens. US-citizens and any Non-EU Member state citizen need a special permission by the Austrian State to be able to aquire real estate property and such a permission is given only under very restricted conditions.A leasehold may be aquired without any such permission.


As a Leasehold-Owner under the present legal contract you may use the appartment yourself, let it to anyone else on the basis of your conditions preferred, pass it on by a last will to anyone else and all of the aforesaid for an unlimited period of time and in an unlimited number of cases.


The Leasehold-Owner under the present legal contract may sell the Leasehold Contract including all its legal benefits for another 94 years to anyone else and during such first 94 years any subsequent Leasehold Owners may do the same.


The present Leasehold is unlimited and unrestricted because the Owner (a large Austrian insurance company) of the entire Property may not, under no circumstances, terminate the Leasehold, even beyond the aforementioned 94 years period, unless the maintainance cost as mentioned below is paid in time.


Price and other Conditions

The Leasehold is on sale for Euro 680.000.- and involves at present monthly mantainance cost of Euro 612.- (but excluding central heating, electricity and telephone). Car-Parking is available under a separate contract.


The Leasehold is marketed and consulted by the Property Department of Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte KEG, Attorneys in Vienna. The transfer of the Leasehold to the envisaged Buyer does not result in any transfer fees, such as attorney fees, or property agent fees  and the like to be paid by the Buyer.

contact:  alix-frank@alix-frank.co.at






                                                                                                                   partial view of the living hall






  winter garden



Josefstadt, 8th district

Near the city center